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MudCube: The Revolution

An innovative solids control system for a new century of drilling and HSE regulations.

Initiating a true step change for the drilling industry, the MudCube is the first compact, lightweight solids control system, eliminating the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids. The MudCube’s unique vacuum system allows the technology to operate cleanly and safely without high g-forces, degradation of cuttings and fluid vapor pollution associated with conventional technology

Improved Drilling Efficiency

  • Better mud quality through less fluctuations
    in mud parameters
  • Increased life and reduced wear of
    surface and downhole equipment
  • Potential to improve well design

Safer Operations

  • Designed to meet the latest HSE/work
    environment requirements
  • Fully-enclosed unit eliminates exposure
    to hazardous gases
  • Minimal operator interaction is required
    with the use of remote monitoring
  • Structural vibration is eliminated and noise
    is significantly reduced
  • Safest Solids Control System on the market

Cost Savings

  • Mud losses reduced by up to 90%
  • Waste volume reduced by up to 50%
  • Dilution reduced by up to 40%
  • Screen costs reduced by up to 65%
  • Manhours reduced by up to 30%

Meeting stringent objectives and delivering high quality,
Cubility’s MudCube technology is leading the way to smart mud treatment systems.

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Ken Pettersen

Ken Pettersen

Sales Manager
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